Time for good

The Rebuild Watch Company was founded on the idea of turning something bad into something good. Our timepieces are cut from warfare scrap metal making each piece into a wearable statement for peace.

Leo Winter building a watch

It’s time to rebuild

The concept behind our company is to create something positive from the negative aftermath of war and destruction. We design and craft limited edition watches using scrap metal salvaged from conflicts. Additionally, we donate 50% of the proceeds from each watch sold to aid in rebuilding efforts targeted towards those affected by these disasters.

A sketch of a watch


The Rebuild Watch Company was established by Leo Winter, a micro mechanic and watchmaker, with the goal of transforming something negative into something positive.

"I want to have an impact in my surroundings." -Leo Winter

Leo Winter on a gray background

Set good in motion

The movement housed within this unique case is a mechanical manual-winding 46-hour power reserve manufactured by ETA, a reputable Swiss watch manufacturer. The dial comes in hand-finished stainless steel.

A newly build watch by Leo Winter


The Ctrl-Z watch case is made from a destroyed attacker tank – model T-90 to be more specific – with the intention of repairing some of the damage caused by the war in Ukraine. Ctrl-Z comes with a custom-made leather strap.

Price 7500 € including VAT 24%

Ctrl-Z watch on a white background

Give back

For every watch sold 50% is donated to charity. The funds are directed to the people in most need via Ukrainian Red Cross Society, an all-Ukrainian humanitarian organization that helps Ukraine in providing humanitarian aid during armed conflicts and in peacetime.

Tools on a table for watch building